QUOTE Empty pockets never held anyone back; only empty heads and empty hearts.

- Norman Peale

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From logo apparell and gifts, to miscellaneous collector's items -- 'one man's mid-life crisis is another man's...' -- we'll, you get the idea.


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Decorate your life with SpinelliCreations bumperstickers, mouse pads, clocks, t-shirts, hoodies, etc., etc., etc. Remember, just like NOS stickers add 5 horsepower to a 1994 Honda Civic, a SpinelliCreations Logo Ballcap adds 30 points to your IQ - just like that!

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'I found it on eeeeee-eBay'

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Typical items include collectibles as well as surplus component parts. The land of 'couple year old' motherboards, transistors, audiophile equipment, and the like.

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Updated: Feb. 11, 2014