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SC Hosted and Maintained Projects

SpinelliCreations hosts several projects itself, which are typically GNU GPL licensed in one form or another. You can view each project's individual license file at their respective download links.

They run the gambit from industrial communication and control to quick-n-dirty PC based digital video recording made easy; so don't mind the clutter.


The following projects are maintained (audited / revised / updated / etc.) by SpinelliCreations. If you are working on a modification to any of these, please submit your package changes back to SpinelliCreations so that we may integrate them with the upstream tree. Otherwise, you have effectively turned your work into a fork (and we don't want to do that unless it's absolutely necessary).

mod OpenOPC:

Integrating Barry B's OpenOPC for Python into a cross platform operational tool for logging OPC Device data to tidy MySQL databases. It is highly configurable, and very potent. There are several 'add-on' modules that add further functionality to mod_OpenOPC, as it is built in such a manner as to readily accept third-party software input for OPC Device Input / Output (Communications). mod_OpenOPC makes Historians / Scada Systems / and the like possible on Linux, Unix, and other POSIX platforms.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/mod_OpenOPC

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/mod_openopc


S.E.E.R. [incl. W.A.R.R.I.O.R.]:

S.E.E.R. (System and Environment Effective Reports) is the http (web-based) front-end of choice for mod_OpenOPC driven systems. Providing live HMI / Reporting / and History functionality with database and table backend auto-creation.


There are several pre-built core-models included with the package, which are mainly aimed at the Dairy and Food Manufacturing industries. These include: Checkweigher Model, Bulk Materials Model, Separation - Pasteurization - and Filtration Model, Tank and Silo Model, C.I.P. (Clean in Place) Model, ThinChart (a virtual 3-pen Electronic Chart Recorder with Event Notification), and TouchPanel (a virtual Touch Screen - HMI replacement for simple jobs), and the W.A.R.R.I.O.R. (Workplace Authenticated Resource Runtime Input and Output Reporter) O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and T.E.E.P. (Total Effective Equipment Productivity) Model [which eclipses virtually all of the competitive offerings on the market today].

The true value of S.E.E.R. is that it is extensible; provided you're versed in pHp, you can continue to add more and more models to the core structure. We welcome model additions to the S.E.E.R. core, and hope to one day be able to cover the vast majority of industrial processes with pre-built models. That being said, if a model to suit your process does not exist - make one!

Note: We're finally out of PRE-Release Status, and well into the v. 1.5 series builds. S.E.E.R. has ample documentation, and is ready for full scale deployment!

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/SEER

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/seer


syphon is an add-on for mod_OpenOPC. It is, effectively, a Terminal Server Client Application that communicates with Terminal Servers (typically RS-232/422/485 to Ethernet conversion devices) for the the purpose of capturing live serial TTY output / post data. For example, syphon can be used to capture barcodes read by barcode-scanners or weight data captured by a product scale. syphon is then able to (at your choice) re-transmit this data to any OPC compatible device (such as a Programmable Logic Controller [PLC]) in real time (using its mod_OpenOPC builtin integration), or simply log the captured data to a MySQL database table of your choice. syphon also comes with builtin runtime integration for the S.E.E.R. Checkweigher (core) Model.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/syphon

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/syphon


fieldgate dm3 reporter:

fg_dm3_reporter is a data exporter for mod_OpenOPC. Rather than utilize multiple sensors for the same purpose, fg_dm3_reporter allows you to extract data on a scheduled basis from your selected mod_OpenOPC database tables, and then export that data to an Endress-Hauser Fieldgate DM3 Host Data Server. Eliminate redundant RTU's, and leverage the power of mod_OpenOPC.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/Fieldgate_DM3_Reporter

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/fieldgate_dm3_reporter



STaRBUC (Standard Tape Resource Back-Up Console) is a POSIX (Linux / Unix / etc.) friendly application, driven by Apache HTTPD, and the Unix Standard Tape Library (mt). It supplies a very tidy web-based front-end for administering authenticated system backup to magnetic tape. While it is a very simple tool, it is straightforward, easy-to-use, and reliable. Perform backups by tape / by drive / and by backup-data-source.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/STaRBUC

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/starbuc


ddos_deflate, el Guapo Edition:

Based on Zaf's original ddos_deflate, this fork attempts to fill in some holes and make the utility more useful in a modern LAN.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/ddos_deflate_ege

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/ddos_deflate_ege



For servers and workstations - automatic, recursive directory backup utility in pure Python for cross platform compatability. Purge old data by backing-up files based upon retention time to any location of your choice.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/tctan

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/tctan


MySQL InnoDB Backup:

For MySQL servers powered by the InnoDB database engine, this utility allows automated database backup and cataloging on a predefined schedule (via your OS task scheduler). The 'backup' routine will dump your desired database(s) to file, and then move that file to your desired backup directory where the latest several failover copies are also stored. You can keep as many failover copies as you wish. For example, if you backup daily, and wish to keep 10 failover copies, then the last backup along with the most recent 9 backups will be retained. In the event of catastropic failure, the 'restore' routine will rebuild your database(s) from the backup file of your choice.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/MySQL_InnoDB_Backup

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/mysql_innodb_backup



YAMS (Yet Another Set of MEncoder Scripts) simplifies much of the video encoding and transcoding commands of MEncoder (and requires a working MEncoder installation). YAMS rips DVD video to file, transcodes non-standard video to the default format, merges video that may be split into multiple files, and batch processes folders of files. Output format is *.avi encoded with 'lavc' (ffmpeg friendly, fourcc) codec and mpeg layer 3 audio. While the realm is similar to that of DivX and XviD, the quality is superior (with regard to lavc).

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/YAMS

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/yams



Kernel support provided by the Video-4-Linux Team makes it possible for just about any distribution released since the early 2000's to be turned into a potent Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Media Center, or Set Top Box. The problem is that the commands to accomplish television recording (via MEncoder) are grossly aggravating. Enter TV_ENCODE!... select your options in the simple preset file, setup your television input cards or USB devices with 'card[x]' preset files, and you're suddenly supporting automated (via task scheduler) or at-will television recording from your television feed to your server or desktop workstation. Output is typically 'lavc' codec with mpeg layer 3 audio.

Download here:

... HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/TV_ENCODE

... FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/tv_encode

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