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Project Codename: TV_Encode



DOWNLOADDOWNLOAD[ tv_encode_1.6 ]
HTTP -- Download.SpinelliCreations.com/TV_Encode

FTP -- SpinelliCreations.com/tv_encode

Project Description


TV_ENCODE! allows live recording of tv capture streams to file... ala your personal DVR (digital video recorder). It is a straightforward attempt to specifically NOT recreate the wheel.

In late 2004, searching for a simple way to record television on my Linux Home Theatre PC (and do so on a schedule), a friend indicated that MEncoder already had all of that functionality -- but that it was horrendously painful to type it all out and keep it straight. A few hours later, he dumped tv_encode (lowercase, no exclamation point) into my email box.

Since then, it's been re-worked, slightly renamed, and pushed further and further, to the point where it now supports multiple cards in the same box, allowing you to setup a unique configuration for each card - or have multiple configurations for a single card (effectively 'virtual cards' - comes in handy for 4:3 broadcast stations which have both 4:3 and 16:9 content).

Be advised, you can only record from one card at a time -- why? Because audio is forced through alsa, which means that whatever audio input you choose in your volume manager / alsa config as the 'Capture Device' (line in / auxilliary / microphone / etc...), then that is what will be recorded inline with the captured video. Since there is ultimately only one 'Capture' device, you can only record one station at a time - unless you don't care about audio, in which case you can record from as many simultaneous video card streams as you like, and they'll all share whatever is playing on the 'Capture' audio line.


BASH Shell




-- records television stream to folder tv_encode/tv_out/[NAME OF SHOW]/[NAME OF SHOW]_on_[DATE].avi

-- records television stream to folder tv_encode/tv_out/other/[NAME OF SHOW]_on_[DATE].avi


[you@localhost]# /opt/tv_encode/tv_encode.sh 1 SPECIAL 46 59.9 colbert_report
-- records channel 46, using card #1, for 59.9 minutes, and saves it as tv_encode/tv_out/other/colbert_report_on_[DATE].avi

[you@localhost]# /opt/tv_encode/tv_encode.sh 1 REGULAR 46 59.9 colbert_report
-- records channel 46, using card #1, for 59.9 minutes, and saves it as tv_encode/tv_out/colbert_report/colbert_report_on_[DATE].avi

Screen Captures and Related Images


terminal: 'help'

terminal: encoding from live stream

editing 'options.sh' file in gEdit

editing 'card[x].sh' file in gEdit

Built: Oct. 25, 2010
Updated: Nov. 2, 2010