QUOTE The successful salesman is the master of a new art: making things true by simply saying they are.

- Daniel Boorstin


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Terms of Service Violations and General Abuse:

Violations of the TOS, Copyright Inquiries, or any kind of abuse by third parties who utilize SpinelliCreations Service(s) should be reported directly to:
... Abuse@SpinelliCreations.com

Mail Related:

Issues retrieving IMAP mail (via Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), failure authenticating via Webmail (webmail.spinellicreations.com), requests for new accounts (by existing users), or any other mail-related issues should be reported directly to:
... Postmaster@SpinelliCreations.com

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Issues with the website (spinellicreations.com), the mirrors, requests for new mirrors, or any other web-related issues should be reported directly to:
... Webmaster@SpinelliCreations.com

New Services, Administrative, General Inquiries:

Requests for new service accounts, quotes, billing inquiries, or any other questions or concerns should be forwarded to:
... Admin@SpinelliCreations.com


While you're urged to make use of the mail links, above, pressing matters may be relayed via telephone at the following number:
... 716-860-2472
Note - typical availability 9:00 am through 9:00 pm EST, messages usually returned within one business day.

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